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My Financial Documents Are a Nightmare!

Papers, forms, documents – they’re everywhere! It can be difficult and overwhelming to sift through these documents and determine what is relevant, what needs to be shredded and what needed to be brought to an accountant. This is how we can help.

You Need a Business Coach

As a business owner, every day, you tackle tough decisions that impact a lot of people - clients, employees, your own family and livelihood. But have you ever come up against an obstacle or a dream that seemed too daunting to even attempt? A business coach can help.

Looking Downstream

Tim Scannell, CPA, CFP® loves fly fishing. And believe it or not, skillful fly fishing strategies not only help him catch fish. They can also help you effectively exit your businesses.

Your Exit Roadmap

Growing and owning a business does not mean the business owns you or holds you prisoner. You can work smarter and make work optional.

We Build Successful Exits

Every day, Tim Scannell, CPA, CFP® helps business owners like you step back from their organizations and plan for a future where work is optional and family and passions are a priority again.

Samantha Pietruszynski’s Value Promise

Samantha Pietruszynski, CFP® empowers women to see the possibility of a healthy work-life balance by guiding them toward financial independence.

Determining the Value of Your Business is Not Rocket Science

People often overlook the business value of non-quantifiable aspects of the selling process. When added up, they may add up to 53% of the difference in the value of two seemingly similar businesses.

What To Do When You Hit Your Freedom Point

Once you reach the Freedom Point - there’s no financial reason for you to continue owning the business. Because doing so actually puts you at risk. But we all know owning a business is much more than financial. It’s personal and it’s your passion.

Our Wealth Management Process

As business owners, you work hard taking care of your employees and clients. You deserve a financial advising team that works just as hard for you – that fits just right and understands your specific goals and dreams.

Stress Testing for Successful Business Owners

Stress testing is becoming an increasingly essential tool for business owners. You have an opportunity to put your financial and legal strategies through their paces and determine if they’re set up to deliver the results you want.

Business Value Drivers

We encourage business owners to step back from daily work activities to see the big picture – the worth of the company and how to increase it through identifying the value drivers of the business.

Finding the Right Advisor for Selling Your Business

As a business owner, you spend time, focus, and energy on serving your clients and employees while managing a litany of daily risks and challenges. Tim Scannell wants to help you make work optional.

Finding an Advisor That is Right For You

If you’re not picking a financial advisor who aligns with your specific needs, they may not be a great fit. Tim Scannell helps you compare four different types of advisor to pick the one best suited to your needs.

Tim Scannell's Personal 'Why' Story

Tim Scannell describes the road that led him to becoming a fiduciary financial advisor.

What is a Fiduciary?

How much do you know about the motivations of your financial advisor? Are they working in your best interest?

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